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Following the World Cup? On travel? Away from your friends? Wherever you are, you know that others like you will be rooting for your team. They may even be close to where you are. But where? How to connect with them?

Glocal events, such as the World Cup, are shared at a global scale, but celebrated locally; in local bars, where fans of the same team, may not even speak the same language.

Glocal Fans is the first geo-localized app designed for global impact sports events. No matter where you are you will be able to find out if other supporters of your team are near you. You will be able to exchange messages, cheer with them, even get together to celebrate!

Glocal Fans allows you to see where all the fans are throughout the world. You do not need to create an account, just choose a name, decide if you want to share your location, send a message out and start to communicate (email address is optional). In a minute, you can appear in the map, ready for the game. As you move through the map, find where the fans are in your city, join or even organize a celebration, while taking advantage of other information on the map.

It takes just a minute to start, but this year you will experience a completely different World Cup, sharing the excitement across the world and across the street!

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